Enabling Inclusion

Our disability advocates work to promote education, social, cultural and political participation of people with disabilities.

This has two components:

  • Advocating for equitable opportunities for all and
  • Promoting the resposibilites and capabilites of people with disabilities to be effective citizens.
In the long run, we hope to see people with disabilities hold leadership positions, have access to and be employed in a variety of jobs; exhibit their skills in art, culture, sport and other similar activities.

What we do...

Advocating with the government on needs and rights of disabled people - this involves holding meetings with government officials, sending appeals and memorandums and accessing the law.

Picture of training of PAGIR pas

Promoting leadership is an important aspect of our movement - we do this by providing training and information and by simply creating opportunities for people with disabilities to lead.

Picture of training of PAGIR pas

The LAHDC has issued a Government Order to make all public buildings accessible.

Pagir Advocacy

Efforts are on to make disabled people participate in all walks of life- including entertainment and leisure.


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