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Jungwa Shrungskyob

Jungwa Shrungskyob

Jungwa Shrungskyob is an enterprise that addresses a huge environment concern- waste.
The high altitude with its low oxygen levels and scant bio diversity makes the region much more fragile. Till about four decades ago, subsistence agriculture was the main occupation of people here and garbage was minimal. JS makes an effort to promote livelihoods of communities engaged in waste management.

Waste collection and transformation....

Our team collects tailor waste, old sweaters, used paper and used egg trays from shops, schools, offices and the army. Our staff volunteer's vehicle runs twice a week to do most of this collection. Through this, we collect about 20 tons of used paper and 10 tons of used/waste cloth per year.

collecting waste produstc made from waste

The waste then is sorted out. Paper is stacked and the cloth is seperated by size.

Once this is done, our artistes - click here for list of artistes – work at transforming this to beautiful products.  The Artistes collect raw material and make products so as to stock up for the waste to craft shop.

Through JS, the artistes are able to supplement their income, especially for those engaged in subsistence farming and household work. JS works to promote the image of disabled people as contributors to the society and to the economy and not mere receivers of charity.



Visit our waste to craft shop in Leh bazaar – click here for directions- or buy our products online.

Click here to view our products online

Carbon footprint

Our partners.......

MESH ( an organisation that practices Fair Trade with disabled and leprosy affected artisans in India-has been key in designing JS products, training the artistes and marketing. We sincerely thank MESH for this.

Charkha Development Communication Network ( - a non-profit organization that works towards the social and economic inclusion of rural marginalized communities - has supported the JS and PAGIR in many ways. Procuring raw material for making products, sponsoring the setting up of A stall at the Ladakh Tourism Festival and Capacity building of the PAGIR leadership are but a few. We thank Charkha for their involvement in our work.

Send a mail to: or call: 00-91-9419219312 to place an order.

  “Willful waste brings woeful want”
Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) British clergyman and author.
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